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Without Limits

Welcome to Infinitas Racing

Infinitas Racing. Without Limits. Competitive and Motivated.  

Infinitas Racing is a racing team which is proud to present an efficient opportunity for your company to market it’s brand, products and services.

Infinitas Racing team is focused and dedicated. Two important components to help them achieve their ultimate goal in the Motorsport arena – to be the best.  A sport that is their passion.  A dream they are making reality.

Although they are still a young company, they know what it takes to become the best. Integrity, dedication and persistence are what they stand for.  

Family values are important to them. They believe that in order to accomplish ultimate success, one has to strive for excellence.

With a winning attitude and dedicated hard work, success follows naturally.


“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s  determination.” 

– Tommy Lasorda



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