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Without Limits

Meet the Driver

Neal Venter is an adventurous 17 year old South African, who is a passionate racing driver.  

Currently residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain, he is a competitive young adult who sees himself climbing the motorsport ladder with confidence and pure optimism.

When he is not working on his driving skills, he is busy training in his personal gym.

A healthy lifestyle is important to him.  If your body is working efficiently, you will feel better and obtain higher energy levels.  In turn this will help you to feel and perform your ultimate best.  

Talent = 10% 
Hard work = 90%

He believes that knowledge is power, especially if you use it to your own benefit. Eating healthy, regular exercise and studying helps to keep his brain active, focused and his reflexes sharp.

He loves to spend time with his family, especially when they are traveling around the world to new destinations.  Time with friends are also very special.

Except for his great love of motorsport, he enjoy fun and adventurous activities like flying the Roberson R22 Helicopter, Hiking, Snorkelling and just being active.  


“Talent is a gift, but character is a choice.”

― John C. Maxwell



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