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Karting Bahrain

Rental karts at the old karting circuit in Bahrain


FG1000 Testing Dubai Autodrome

A few laps of my first experience in a Formula Gulf 1000 car at the Dubai Autodrome. I want to thank Barry Hope and his team, Gulf Sport Racing, for giving me this amazing opportunity to drive the FG11 car.


FG1000 2nd Test Session Dubai

2nd test session at the Dubai Autodrome. Better than the first session, and starting to get used to the car (thanks to Martin Hope for the brilliant feedback and explanation of telemetry - this helped me a lot in improving my time). Track was a lot better than the first session and got some heat into the tyres.


FG1000 1st Test Session Dubai

First ever laps in an FG1000 car. It was difficult on cold tyres and a dusty track, however it was still an amazing experience.


FG1000 3rd test session

My 3rd time going out in the car. Amazing to drive this car at night. My lap times kept on improving throughout the night, however, unfortunately the camera ran out of battery at the end of this video, so I do not have any videos of my fastest laps which were set towards the end of the night. I would like to thank Barry Hope and his team again for giving me this incredible opportunity to drive their car, and for all their help and advice!


Karting on old Bahrain circuit

Rental karts with a few friends on the old karting track.


Bahrain new karting track

Rental karts with one of my friends at the new Bahrain International Karting Circuit, a lot of overtaking. *Flipped kart at 8:55.


Rental Karts BIKC

Karting with one of my friends, a lot of overtaking and a few crashes.


FG1000 Testing Day 1

Practice laps behind the safety car at the end of day 1.



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